The classroom and range have been completed.

I am now teaching classes.

Clearing Started 4/13/2022

Work done by

Clearing for Classroom & Range

Zack Fomby

Preparing Classroom Pad


Completed Pad-next step Slab

Berm just needs a little more dirt

Digging footers

Finch Masonry & Construction

25 Years Experience

Progress is being made!


Framing Materials

Walls are all framed up. 


The trusses arrived 7/19/22

Posts are in for the 50 ft. covered range

Post braces are up & a few trusses. Heat is the issue. 7/21/22

All trusses are up  7/25/22

Siding is completed on classroom

The roof is on the classroom 7/29/22

Siding on range 8/10/22

Putting roofing on range 8/11/22

Range insulation is up

Range view from end

Wiring, plumbing & walls

Walls & ceiling up

Ceiling insulation

Completed building.  8/19/22
Hopefully septic tank next week & floors polished the week after.

Break area.  There will be a microwave, & 2 small refrigerators

Range was re-scraped and built up to keep water out.

Septic system installed 8/24/22

Inside classroom from the front

Inside classroom from the back

Shooting Range